Inspired and rooted in the Traditional Energetic systems of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, our approach offers stretching techniques & manual therapy that provide a unique, effective, structural and energetic form of bodywork therapy.

This work is effective dealing with issues of the musculo-skeletal , digestive and nervous system but is also a simply very relaxing, unique and wholesome experience. The movement therapy is performed on a floor based mat and uses a wide array of postures, manual gestures and methods to treat. This approach is rooted in elemental theory and also makes use of energy lines and meridians to work through stagnation along the pathways.

*Please note this bodywork is performed on a mat where the receiver is wearing comfortable and flexible clothing.

Our client care and rich approach works on the various tissues of the body providing relief from muscle tightness, pain and helps support proper flow of energy. Each treatment offers a deep physical and energetic experience, release and aims to foster a return to balance and overall wellness.